Our Fleet

The Perseverance

The Perseverance is a 2018 V1 VHP 55’ purchased in on October 8,2019. The boat was originally priced at $41,300 and bought as a demo boat for $36,000.  The boat was purchased by The McLain Family with help from The Stewart Family and The Intel Corporation.  The name of the boat was chosen during the COVID Pandemic as a reflection of the year that the club not only survived, but thrived through shear perseverance, when many clubs did not.

The Outrageous

The Outrageous is a 2021 Ultralight II VHP 39’ 4+ Vespoli 40th anniversary boat with aluminum wing riggers and carbon footwell calf protectors.  It is designed to hold crews with a total weight of 750 pounds or less. It was purchased on April 17, 2021 - only a few days before the State Championship. The boat was purchased at the anniversary discounted price of $20,848 though it was originally priced at $23,164. Funds for the purchase came through generous donations from the McLain Family, Anne and Rodney Stewart, One Florida Bank, Hand and Stone, and the Intel Corporation. Its maiden voyage was at the 2021 State Championship Regatta, where the women’s lightweight 4+ rowed it to a 3rd place finish - 1st place scholastically.

This crew was made up of coxswain Lily McLain, stroke seat Brianna Nardelli, 3 seat Natalie Ells, 2 seat Meghna Krumm, and bow seat Elizabeth (Liz) McCarthy, and was coached by Antonio Patino. Following this race, the Outrageous was rowed as a junior 4+ at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, where coxswain Lily McLain, stroke seat Julia Engelland, 3 seat Meghan Krumm, 2 seat Natalie Ells, and bow seat Kaylinh Tetterton rowed it to a 6th place overall finish. It is currently being rowed by both men’s and women’s lightweight crews, with a name chosen to describe the tenacity of the 2020-2021 club that “just went for it” at every race that year.

The Perfect Swing

The Perfect Swing is a 2014 Vespoli men's Ultralight DM 4+. The boat was bought from Princeton University for $15,000, as the club needed a championship caliber four.  It was purchased through Lake Brantley Rowing Association, The McLain Family, and the Krohn family on October 20, 2016.  It was dedicated at the Alumni Row on December 17, 2016.  The name comes from a passage from the book “Boys in the Boat”, a book with details the journey of nine Americans at the University of Washington and their epic quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Perfect Swing refers to the perfect synchronization of the eight rowers as they respond to the coxswain’s leadership. At the dedication, a passage from the book was read by Jim Detzel, who along with his wife Carol, are members of LBRA Legacy Foundation which secured the property and boathouse where we now row.

The Thyestean

The Thyestean is a Vespoli 2011 DS V1 8+. The boat was purchased by numerous donors, each of whom are recognized on the port-side gunwales. The boat was named “the Thyestean” after the Greek myth character, Thyestes, and the modern phrase, “Thyestean Feast”- a feast at which human flesh is served. With its distinct and unique red hull and red wing riggers, the shell is unmistakable on the water, and is used as the women’s varsity 8+ hull.

The McMillain

The McMillain is a 2008 Ultralite II EM 8+ with Euro Riggers purchased along with the Kryptonite as part of a plan to upgrade even our lowest tiered boats to an incredible level.  It presented an opportunity to provide an excellent racing shell for both the middle school program that had grown dramatically as well as for the high school team.  It was a boat traded in by Pine Crest School and purchased through Vespoli as a trade in for $8,100 on December 20, 2018 where it was debuted at the Alumni Row as part of ten year celebration of the dedication of the Boathouse. It was purchased by The McLain Family, and is primarily rowed by the middle school program, though sometimes also by both the high school men and women as a shell for their second varsity eights.

The Legacy

The Legacy is a 2008 DM V1 8+. The boat was purchased at the Head of the Hooch for the Varsity Men. The boat was named “the Legacy” in honor of the Legacy board, which helped LBRA build its new boathouse. Because of its sleek, ribless hull and aluminum wing riggers, Coach Preston saw it fit to don the Legacy with a car symbol that was equally as luxurious; a Mercedes AMG. The Legacy is manned by the Men’s Varsity 8.

The Schlick

The Schlick is a 2005 DS Millennium 8+. The boat was purchased for the varsity women’s 8 program to replace the En Fuego when its lease ran out. The boat was named by the varsity women at the time for their Coach, Matthew Schlichenmeier, and is currently used by the women’s novice team.


The Kryptonite is a 2004 M2 DS 8+ with Euro Riggers, purchased along with the McMillain as part of a plan to upgrade even our lowest tiered boats to an incredible level. It presented an opportunity to provide an excellent racing shell for both the middle school program that had grown dramatically and the high school team.  It was a boat traded in by Pine Crest School and purchased through Vespoli as a trade in for $4,300 on December 20, 2018 where it was debuted at the Alumni Row as part of ten year celebration of the dedication of the Boathouse.  It was purchased by The McLain Family.

The Steve Wilks

The Steve Wilks is a 2003 DS Millennium bow loader 4+ purchased with donations by the Johnson Family (Lincoln ’03 and Cearra ’05). The boat was named by Coach Travis Raker for one of LBRA’s most important coaches: Steve Wilks. Coach Wilkes began coaching LBRA in 1991 and carried it through its formative years through thick and thin, making many sacrifices to get LBRA to where it is today. Coach Wilkes was always trying to get the best equipment for the fledgling LBRA, and Coach Travis thought that naming one of the finest boats purchased in LBRA history after him would be appropriate. The Wilks has been invaluable to the program in helping LBRA win the men’s freshman 4+ at states in 2003 and 2005, along with the 2008 Men’s Lightweight 4 state titles. It is rowed today by both the men and women of LBRA.

The Styrke

The Styrke is a 1999 DM Millennium 8+ and became the first Millennium purchased by LBRA in 2002. The boat was purchased used from Louisville Varsity Women’s program to supplant the Joe Barrett as the Men’s Varsity 8 hull. In the Winter of 2002 it became apparent that the Varsity Men were going to need a newer hull for their more competitive varsity team, and the Styrke was purchased. The Styrke was given its baptism into LBRA Men’s rowing when Blaine Leudecke (’03) gave it a BMW “M” symbol. The Styrke was named by Ben Allen (’03) because they decided they needed an eloquent a name to match their racing mentality.The ancient Norse word for “intensity” was chosen. The Styrke carried the LBRA men to their first medal in the Varsity Men’s 8 in 2002, capturing bronze and helping the Freshmen Men’s 8 to a State runner up result in the same year and helping the 2004 Freshmen 8 capture State’s gold. The Hull was repainted in 2004, refurbished in 2013, and The Styrke is still in heavy use by the JV men’s squad for LBRA.

The Lou Sucich

The “Lou” is a DM ultralite 8+ purchased in 2001 for the Women’s Varsity 8 to replace the Springbok. The boat is named after Lou Sucich, a former president of LBRA and the father of Angela Sucich (’92) and former LBRA coach Craig Sucich. The Lou helped the ladies capture the 2003 Women’s JV8 state title.

The Olympus

The Olympus is a 1998 DS Ultralite bow loader 4+. After a narrow loss at Scholastic Nationals in 1997, the men’s team put a lot of pressure on the Board to upgrade the Programs’ fours fleet and LBRA purchased its first bow loader 4. The Boat was named by Ryan Selis (’02). According to Selis legend, “We were all incredibly good looking and baller rowers who won every race by boat lengths, so we felt like Greek gods on top of mount Olympus.” The Olympus has been a staple of the racing fleet for LBRA capturing the Women’s 1998 and 2003 lightweight 4 state titles along with the 2001 Women’s Junior Four National title and the Men’s 2002 Lightweight 4 state title. The Olympus is still in heavy use by the entire LBRA program.

The Springbok

The Springbok is a DS racer 8+ purchased in 1997. The boat was purchased for use by the Varsity Women. Originally named the Bram Fowler, Coach Fowler thought the name Springbok was more appropriate. The name Springbok originates from the Springbok colors that were historically awarded to South African teams and individuals representing the country in international competition. South Africa is Coach Fowler’s native country. The Springbok is no longer in use.

The Charlie’s Hell’s Nobody’s Angels

The Angels is a 2002 Racer DM8 that was procured in a trade with TAC for the Revolution. The boat was originally a Stetson University boat, named after Coach Charles Hutchmaker. Since then this shell has experienced many name changes, from The Charlie’s Angels, to The Charlie’s Hell’s Angels, and now officially the Nobody’s Angels; but it is commonly referred to as simply The Angels. Coach Preston Weinard (LBRA alum ’09) knew the tradition of putting car symbols on Brantley’s Men’s 8s, so he placed a retro Cadillac symbol on the Angels’ stern, in recognition of the trade of the Revolution with TAC. The boat is currently used by the Men’s 3rd 8 and novice program.

The Revolution

The Revolution was a 2002 M2 DL 8 purchased used for the Varsity Men’s 8. The boat was one of the first M2’s every made and was originally rowed by Temple’s men but it had structural issues and was sent back to the factory to be fixed. Then was it sold to LBRA. The Varsity men at the time averaged about 185-190 lbs and were not able to row in the Barrett or the Stryke effectively. The Boat was named the Revolution by Coach Travis Raker as a testament to the change in LBRA men to Varsity 8 competitor and its change in the Men’s team approach to program building along with its association with the LBHS mascot, the Patriots. The Revolution carried the Varsity 8 men to a 3rd place finish at States. The Revolution was deemed too large and not useful by later coaches and was traded to TAC in 2005 for the Charlie’s Hell’s Angels boat. The boat is currently used by Tallahassee Rowing Club. The “REVO” was originally slated to be given a Cadillac symbol as its car symbol.

The En Fuego

The En Fuego was a 2003 DM Millennium2 8+. In 2003 LBRA had swelled to roughly 120 athletes and the Heavyweight Varsity 8’s needed larger hulls to support the increase in athleticism. The En Fuego was leased from Vespoli for the Varsity Women’s 8. The boat was named by Coach Matt Schlichenmeier. When the lease ended LBRA decided not to purchase the hull and purchased a new M2 – “The Schlick” – instead. The En Fuego’s current whereabouts are unknown.

The Joe Barrett

The Barrett is a DM racer 8 purchased in 1997 to replace the Jurgens as the Men’s varsity 8 hull. The Boat was named after one of LBRA’s greatest benefactors, Joe Barrett. When LBRA was forced to leave Bear Lake they had no place to go, and Joe Barrett allowed LBRA to row out of his Marina on the west side of Lake Fairview. The Barrett has been an enduring symbol of the men’s team and was the first boat to sport one of Brantley Men’s greatest traditions, the car symbol. The Barrett currently sports the Famous Chevy “SS” super sport symbol near its stern. This Tradition was started in the Spring of 1997 by then Varsity Coxswain Justin Faiber (’99) and has continued to this day. The Barrett was the hull first used to get our Heavyweight men into the V8 final in 1998, that same year the Lightweight 8 men rowed the Barrett to a very tight 4th place finish at Scholastic Nationals. The Barrett also captured the 2003 Men’s lightweight 8 state title. The Barrett is still in heavy use by the Freshmen Guys program. The Barrett is the sister hull to the Springbok, as they were purchased at the same time.

The Absolutely

Purchased in 1994, The Absolutely was a DS stern loader racer four. The Absolutely was named so because of the money donated towards it purchase from Absolute Roofing. The Absolutely was used extensively by the LBRA Lightweight Program, capturing the 1995 and 1997 Men’s lightweight 4 state titles and the State runner up Lightweight fours in 1996 and 1998. The hull also was used to capture the 1995 National title in the Men’s lightweight four and carried the lightweight Men to 2nd place finishes in 1996 and 1997 at Scholastics Nationals. Its current whereabouts are unknown. The Absolutely is the sister hull to the Smokey as they were purchased at the same time.

The William K. Jurgens

The Jurgens is a 1988 DL racer 8. The hull is named after Bill Jurgens, the former coach of the Florida Institute of Technology Men’s crew and the school’s current athletic director. The Jurgens sports the Volvo car symbol for its enduring service to Lake Brantley Crew. The Jurgens helped the Brantley Men capture the 1995 Men’s lightweight 8 state title and carried the 1996 Novice Men’s 8 to an undefeated season capped with an open water victory at the 1996 State Championship.

The Joy Davis

The Joy Davis was a Schoenbrod 8. The boat was named after Joy Davis, the program’s first Lake Brantley High School teacher liaison. The boat was chopped up into pieces in 1997. Only the Stern section location is known – it is in possession of Blaine Tolison (’02).

The Patriot 1

The Patriot 1 was a Schoenbrod 8. It was chopped up into pieces and sold in 1997. Only the bow section was locatable, and it was refurbished by Clayton Cox (’98) and Michael Moseley (’04). It was donated back to the program for the boathouse, where it hangs from the ceiling as a reminder to present rowers of the program’s begininnings.

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