There are now more opportunities to row competitively in college than ever before. Lake Brantley Rowing Association excels in producing champion rowers and high achieving young adults.  Rowing can help with the college admissions process,  it can make the difference of being accepted to the school of your choice, in some cases, can even provide help with the high cost of higher education in the form of athletic scholarships.

The coaching staff at LBRA is actively involved in  the recruitment process. If your student Athlete is interested  please let our Coaching staff know. Our team is passionate about helping rowers and their parents find a the right opportunity.


A partial list of destinations for LBRA rowers in the last few years includes Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Georgetown, Penn, Duke, US Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, US Military Academy, Virginia, University of Washington, Syracruse, Vanderbilt,  and many others.