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If you are interested in reserving rower(s), please fill out the contact form by clicking the button below.

The Lake Brantley High School Rowing team offers a Rent-A-Rower service! Our powerful and hardworking student-athletes are a perfect source of manual labor and will help you complete any household or office project for $15/hour per rower.  

Our student-athletes can help with but are not limited to:
-Yard work

Rent-A-Rower Guidelines:
At least 2 rowers hired per job
Rowers are paid for a minimum of 2 hours.
$15/hour per rower. (2 rowers working for 2 hours = $60)
Please do not assign rowers to dangerous jobs; we can’t race if we’re injured!
Please pay with  check (donation made out to LBRA).  Donations will go toward Student - Athletes RFC (required fundraising commitment) .