NOVEMBER 1-3 2019


Race Site:

Ross's Landing Park
201 Riverfront Parkway
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Coaches Contact Information:

  • Andrew Rouse 407-756-3711

  • Antonio Patino 407-617-5886

  • Rachel Salvia 321-274-2088

Race Chair:        

Live Stream Saturday's Head of the Hooch Events!
LBRA Saturday Race Day Schedule:

Event # 7 9:46 AM Men’s Youth 4+ (A) Men’s Youth 4+ (B)

Event # 12 11:23 AM Women’s Youth 8+

Event # 22 1:35 PM Men’s Youth 8+ (A) Men’s Youth 8+ (B)

Event # 25 2:26 PM Women’s Youth 8+

Event # 29 3:28 PM Women’s Youth 4+

Event # 37 5:30 PM Men’s Youth 2x

We are thrilled to have almost the entire LBRA High School Mens and Womens Teams Athletes traveling to and competing in the Head of the Hooch Regatta.  They are in for an amazing rowing experience with over 2,000 boats racing over two days and approximately 200 clubs participating in the regatta.

  • Team Hotel (Hilton Garden Inn – Chattanooga/downtown). 

Packing List:

  •  (Rowers may bring a carry-on-bag suitcase for under the bus and backpack on the bus) * Make sure rowers have names or initials on all gear

  • Race uniform (LBRA apparel, polo, unisuit)

  • Cold weather gear (jackets, long sleeves

  • Sweatpants

  • Black under armor

  • Extra Socks

  • Hand warmers

  • Gloves

  • Hats

  • Practice gear

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks for bus

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Homework

  • Study materials

  • Spending money

  • Downloaded movies (Download before getting on the bus.  WiFi will be for homework only on the bus)


LBRA Tent:
Rowers are encouraged to visit vendors.  Please note that rowers are expected to use the buddy system when leaving the LBRA tent and must advise chaperones that they are leaving the designated area.

Please pay attention to the weather.  Forecast shows that temperatures will be low 30's to upper 50's however we expect that Saturday morning will be very cool.  So remember to dress accordingly.  Also we anticipate a fog delay please communicate with your rower and/or check the hooch website for delays.





10/31                Thursday  

7:00 AM                      Trailer departs for Chattanooga TN

11/1                   Friday    

12:00 AM                    Athletes meet at Target – Altamonte 
                                   886 SR-436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
                                   Arrive 30 minutes before departure
12:30 AM                    Bus departs for Morrow GA
7:30 AM                      Breakfast in Morrow GA Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, Arbys,
                                   Steak N Shake 2042 Mt Zion Rd, Morrow, GA 30260
8:30 AM                      Bus departs for Chattanooga TN
11:30 AM                    Bus arrives at hotel
                                    Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Chattanooga  
                                    311 Chestnut St, Chattanooga, TN 37402
12:00 PM                    Trailer unload and boat rigging
12:30 PM                    Lunch at race site
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM     Practice Session
6:30 PM                      Pasta dinner at hotel
9:00 PM                      All rowers in their rooms
10:00 PM                    Lights out

11/2                      Saturday 

7:00 AM                      Breakfast at hotel
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM     See race day and bus schedule
12:00 PM                    Lunch at race site
8:00 PM                      Team Dinner with Coaches - Big River Grille     
9:30 PM                      All rowers in their rooms
11:00 PM                    Lights out - set your clocks back 1 hour***

11/3                     Sunday               
 ***Daylight Savings ***

7:00 AM                      Breakfast at hotel

9:30 AM                      Team meeting in hotel lobby 
10:00 AM                    Bus departs for Perry GA
2:00 PM                      Lunch in Perry GA
                                   Kroger, Subway, McDonalds, Taco Bell,
                                   Pizza Hut 1367 Sam Nunn Blvd, Perry, GA 31069
2:45 PM                      Bus departs for Target – Altamonte
8:15 PM                      Bus arrives at Target – Altamonte

11/4                        Monday                               
                                   OFF No Practice

11/5                        Tuesday              
3:30 PM                     Trailer unload and boat rigging                                  
Race Day Schedule:
Event #           Event Time                Event Name   ____
7                      9:46 AM                     Men’s Youth 4+ (A)
                                                           Men’s Youth 4+ (B)
12                    11:23 AM                   Women’s Youth 8+
22                    1:35 PM                      Men’s Youth 8+ (A)
                                                           Men’s Youth 8+ (B)
25                    2:26 PM                      Women’s Youth 8+
29                    3:28 PM                      Women’s Youth 4+
37                    5:30 PM                      Men’s Youth 2x

Send Correspondence to: 
Lake Brantley Rowing Association, Inc. 
PO Box 915653 
Longwood, FL 32791-5653 

Visit our Boathouse: 
John McLain - LBRA Legacy Boathouse 
4217 N Orange Blossom Tr. 
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