Board of Directors Duties


1.    The President shall call meetings of the Board at such time or place as he or she may desire.

2.    The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

3.    The President shall be one of two signatories on all Club Financial Accounts.

4.    The President MAY appoint an Assistant Treasurer, an Auditor, and a Parliamentary Advisor.


Vice President

The Vice President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall perform the duties that usually devolve upon this office. The Vice President shall assist the President when requested.

1.     Coaching. This committee recommends the hiring, dismissal, compensation of the coaching staff as well as duties and responsibilities within a (10) month contractual period that will run from August 1 to May 31.In association with and in support of the coach(es) the committee assists and helps to establish the coaching policy, guidelines and rules of rower conduct at any LBRA activity as well as working in tandem with the coaching staff and Racing Committee in determining race events each season. The committee conducts a review of the coaching staff at the end of the fall season and again at the end of the spring season.

2.     Equipment/Boathouse. This committee shall be responsible for working with the coach(es) to oversee the proper maintenance and storage of all equipment belonging to the Club; to present recommendations to the Board regarding any additional equipment needs; and maintaining a written inventory of all equipment (and approximate value) belonging to the Club. The committee is also responsible for arranging transportation of boats and equipment to all events as well as proper maintenance of boathouse and grounds, access to boathouse, rules for boat storage and displaying rules of conduct at the boathouse.


Secretary - Communications - Marketing

Secretary -The Secretary shall keep a record and minutes of meetings; keep a complete, updated roster of all current members; conduct the general correspondence of the Club; send notices of all meetings and other notices where previous notice is required; notify officers and committees of their election or appointment; notify those members who may have forfeited membership; and shall perform such other duties as requested by the President or Board. All minutes shall be filed and passed on each year to each newly elected secretary. Original ballot counts for all newly elected Board members or Officers at Annual Meeting should be kept on file. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining and updating files such as the registration forms, the team handbook and LBRA waivers.

  1. Communications Chair- The chairperson is responsible for maintaining the LBRA website with all current information, LBRA emails and assigns LBRA Board email addresses.

  2. Marketing Chair- The chairperson is responsible for creating flyers, forms, & brochures as needed for High school, Middle school, Summer Program, fundraisers and events. 

  3. Social Media Chair - The chairperson is responsible for management of and updating social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Finance Chair

In conjunction with the Treasurer and President the Finance Chair is responsible for coordinating and recommending to the board decisions on all financial matters.


Membership & Scholastic Chair

This committee is responsible for keeping accurate records of the membership, as outlined in article 3. It is also responsible for keeping the membership up-to-date with current activities. There will be four (4) sub-committees: 

1.     Forms Committee: Responsible for rower’s records.

2.     Recruiting Committee: Responsible for recruiting eighth graders at the local middle schools.

3.     Telephone Committee: Responsible for a calling tree.

4.     Directory Committee: Responsible for preparation and distribution of a complete listing of each rower’s name, parents’ names, address, phone number and e-mail address. Directory is to be revised by September 30 and again January 31.


Fund Raising & Merchandise Chair

  1. This committee shall be responsible for providing a projected fundraising budget with planned activities by July 31 of each year and keep accurate records of each rower’s fund raising efforts. 

  2. Order team uniforms and LBRA spirit merchandise. 


Hospitality Chair

This committee organizes socials, including the end of year banquet, coordinates drinks and food arrangements for all events, and organizes the care and transport of the crew trailer.


Race Chair

This committee, in conjunction with the Coaching Committee and the coaches, determines the regattas in which our Club will participate; coordinates local races; transportation of rowers; arranges for housing for overnight trips and provides maps for all regattas


The Treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds of the Club; account for them in written form at all meetings as called for; be custodian of the Club financial records and documents; keep a complete, updated roster of all current members; and arrange to have the books of the Club audited, at the request of the Board. The Treasurer shall be one of two signatories on Club Operating Account. The Assistant Treasurer, when, as, and if appointed, shall assist the Treasurer when called upon; in the absence of the Treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds of the Club; and shall be responsible for reporting to the Board, when requested. This position is appointed by the president of the club .



The Legacy is made up of LBRA Legacy Foundation Members.  This position will be a representative from the LBRA Legacy Foundation and determined by LBRA Legacy Foundation, Inc.