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The stroke is made up of four parts: catch, drive, finish and recovery.

  1. Before you start anything, make sure your feet are strapped in securely to the foot rests. Take the handle with an overhand grip (The same way you would hold bicycle handles) and slide forward so that your shins are vertical and your arms are straight, leaning your torso forward to achieve this. This is the catch position and marks the start and end of the movement.
  2. Move backward by extending your legs. Keep your arms straight until your legs reach full extension; make sure your back is straight throughout this movement. Keep your arms straight. This is called the drive.
  3. Once your legs are nearing full extension you want to smoothly lean back from the hip and begin pulling the handle towards your lower chest using both your arms and abdominals. Keep your head up and back straight. At the end of this move your legs are fully extended but not locked and your elbows should be bent at 45 degrees beside your body. These three steps should combine to form one fluid movement.
  4. Straighten your arms and return your torso to a slightly forward tilt, then slide into the starting position to begin the movement again. Watch the video below for some finer points and visual demonstration.