Annual Sponsorship Agreement


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 Annual Sponsorship Agreement

2017-2018 Rowing Season

Thank you for your support of Lake Brantley Rowing Club!

Supporter Name (Can be a Business or Family Name):

Primary Contact:



Phone Number:

Email address:   


I/we pledge to support Lake Brantley Rowing Club at the following sponsorship level:

If “Other”, please specify the amount you would like to sponsor:   


Our sponsorship commitment is per the following:

A. Monetary Donation   

Please complete one of the two options below if making a monetary donation. 

Option 1: One Time Pledge

I/we agree to make a future contribution in one lump sum in the amount of  for the purposes of satisfying this pledge and further agree that this pledge will be satisfied in full by the following date:

Option 2: Recurring Pledge

I/we agree to make future contributions for a total amount of .

I/we will make even installments of per calendar

 beginning on  with the full pledge contribution being paid on or before


Payment Method: 


B. Donation of Gifts/Services

Please complete the list below if making a donation of gifts and/or services. 

Description:  Value:   

Description:  Value:   

Description:  Value:   

Description:  Value:   



Sponsor Details

If you would like to upload a company or family logo you may do so by attaching a file here. If you would prefer to wait you will be contacted by our Sponsorship Chair to make arrangements for your logo. Please upload the highest quality image possible, preferably in PSD or AI format.



Lake Brantley Rowing Club acknowledges that it will apply these contributions to support, maintain, and enhance its programs, services, and mission, in accordance with its tax exempt purposes. Donations will be acknowledged by Lake Brantley Rowing Club for tax purposes. State Financial Disclosures are available upon request.

NOTE: ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Lake Brantley Rowing Association is a tax exempt not-for-profit organization under the Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. IRS. TAX ID# 85-012702537C-4.


I/we hereby pledge and agree to the commitments of support defined herein:

Printed Name of Authorized Signer:

If a Corporate Sponsorship, Title of Authorized Signer:   

Signed Date: 




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