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Of everything one could occupy time with while in high school, becoming a member of Lake Brantley’s rowing team is one that will get you in great physical shape, give you academic support, allow you to compete at the State and National levels, and develop your character unlike any other sport. Colleges love high school athletes – especially rowers – because they know the value of hard work, dedication and teamwork. Rowers at Lake Brantley exhibit traits of discipline, integrity, determination and have a great sense of community involvement and give-back. Not only all of that, but Lake Brantley Rowing is proud to be a large extensive family, and when you become a member, you will meet several peers that become friends for life!

No prior experience is necessary, but a will to win and excellent work ethic is! There are many rowers that join LBRA during their high school years and go on to row for Division I college programs.

Generally, practice will consist of land training like cross training, running, stretching and trainingĀ on rowing machines (ergometers), while also having plenty of practice on the water. Spring is rowing’s prime racing season, so the fall training/racing is incorporated to prepare the athletes for the intensity of spring racing. Although being a member of the crew team and training year-round is preferred, weĀ understand students might want to compete in other sports with Lake Brantley High School or clubs in the area, and we will cater to those schedules. Contact our membership chair here with any questions about participating in other sports while being a member of Lake Brantley Rowing.

If you are interested in joining Lake Brantley Rowing, we would love to meet you! Head on over to our “Join LBRA” page to find out more information.


Currently our mens and womens teams practice two to four days per week.Practice schedules are published on the Master Calendar. For more information please contact the coaches.