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Next Camp – Spring 2018


Crew Camp is held during Seminole County Schools’ Spring Break, and is run out of our boathouse. This is a crucial time for training, and is mandatory to attend for all high school rowers.¬†Crew Camp is very important for setting final lineups for the State Championship at the end of April so we appreciate the families’ cooperation and understanding.

Cost for this event is $50 per rower. This cost goes towards the coaches, as this is their vacation time also.

Our coaches are dedicated to making Crew Camp an effective, successful and fun camp. Affectionately called “Camp Branatokka“, there are several fun activities planned during the week, including a water park, the Apache Relay, and Skit Night around a bonfire. These activities are planned during different times of the week and are published to the rowers early in the week. If your child is unable to make these optional fun events, please let the coaches know prior to the beginning of camp.