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As a Club, we receive have no financial assistance from any high school athletic programs so our Special Projects Committee undertakes fundraising activities in order ensure the continuity and constant improvement of our high school team. However, this is not enough and we need community corporate leaders to help us.

Our sport attracts a youth-oriented, middle to upper income demographic, interested in the being outdoors. With over 20% growth in the past five years, rowing is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. We are a clean and disciplined sport, with Olympic medal tradition, perfect for companies across a variety of industries. We offer strong branding alignment not only with an exciting sport, but also with an active youth development program in our community.

Rowing (also called crew team) can be an expensive sport that uses fragile and specialized equipment. We work hard to find ways to keep the cost of rowing low. Your tax-deductible donation to Lake Brantley Rowing Club (LBRA) will enable us to sustain the excellence of our programs and to expand our community outreach. Through our programs, our own Lake Brantley Rowing Association, and our involvement in the community, we are poised to support local and national businesses and offer opportunities for advertising to an active and diverse audience! Thank you for your consideration!

LBRA relies on support from generous sponsors & donors. With your help we can continue to offer a range of programs that gives rowers of all levels an opportunity to learn, from introducing individuals to the sport of rowing through our Learn to Row and Novice programs, to creating a variety of rowing options in our High School, Middle School and Masters (adult) programs.

Our programs which are open to all middle school age and older. High School members must reside in the Lake Brantley High School District. To provide programs, along with equipment and coaching, to realize the belief that ALL rowers can be formidable athletes and competitors, while promoting a spirit of camaraderie among our members.

LBRA is committed to building an inclusive environment, fostering personal growth, and promoting a spirit of sportsmanship. LBRA programs offer opportunities for all rowers, regardless of experience level. LBRA is also a member of US-Rowing.

LBRA provides & supports community programs which advance fitness and rowing to individuals who might otherwise not have such opportunities.

LBRA also presents the Lake Brantley Rowing Association Novice Regatta, now in its 21st year. This event, which occurs annually in mid-February, brings novice rowers from all of Florida to compete and is a US-Rowing sponsored regatta. This event is held annually at the Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake in Orlando.

Providing a Healthy Social Outlet

LBRA offers a safe, supportive and friendly environment where all members and our guests can feel at home and enjoy the company of a diverse group. We strive to provide an environment that is friendly and non-adversarial.

Building a Community

As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization, we believe in the importance of investing in our community. LBRA engages in a number of outreach activities designed to promote the sport of rowing and to give back to our community. LBRA is always working on new ways to bring rowing to the community and bring the community together.




This new program beginning December 2015 is for all our rowers, parents, board members and friends of our past to help those of our future. The money raised monthly from the program goes toward new equipment, more recruiting events, advertisements, and Angel Rowers’ dues.

From December 2015 through January 2016 we will be testing this program with a small group of friends and alumni. Our goal for this “soft launch” to understand how to make the program most effective for both the donors and administrators as we prepare for an official launch in early 2016. Your ideas and feedback are welcome and appreciated! Please let us know any thoughts on how we can improve as well as any suggestions on how to reach more of our alumni. If you are interested in volunteering to be part of our Booster committee, please contact Lisa Marcheskie.

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We are very active in Central Florida and promote our sponsors wherever we travel within the state and throughout the southern and eastern regions. If a sponsorship is accepted, we will work with you on how you would like us to promote your name or company.  We have the ability to promote your business to thousands of potential customers every season. Not only will your business be promoted to many eyes and ears across Florida, but our parent-run board will ensure that your corporate image is promoted in the correct way as if it was our own reputation that we were dealing with.

Regatta Presence

Sponsors get priority selection of ad space in the Official Lake Brantley Rowing Association Novice Regatta Program Guide. Sponsors are offered the opportunity to set up in the Lake Brantley Rowing Association Novice Regatta Marketplace, along the access path, or close to the loading area†. Sponsors can publicize their organizations and interact with participants and spectators. We look forward to an average attendance of about 3000 spectators and rowers. Look for the yellow highlighting in the benefits section.

Media and Publicity Print Media

Sponsors will be recognized at various times throughout the year, including LBRA newsletters, bi-weekly team announcements, and our outreach through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube). An official LBRA Novice Regatta Program Guide will prominently display sponsors’ and advertisers’ names and logos. LBRA will also submit listings in weekend guides for the major newspapers in the Orlando, FL region.

Coaches Meetings & Registration Information

Lake Brantley Rowing Club will meet with over 30 different rowing clubs, many of which have well over 50 members. Through registration materials and other event publicity, sponsors will gain exposure to hundreds of rowers who will be coming to Orlando to compete. Sponsors will also be recognized in follow-up literature for Lake Brantley Rowing Association.

Online Exposure

  • LBRA Website – – will prominently display club sponsor and advertiser information, including your logo and a direct link to your website.
  • LBRA Facebook Page –– will prominently display club sponsor and advertiser information, including your logo and a direct link to your website.
  • LBRA Novice Regatta Webpage – – will prominently display regatta sponsor and advertiser information, including your logo and a direct link to your website. Lake Brantley Rowing Association Novice Regatta is also listed as a sanctioned rowing competition on internationally recognized rowing sites such as,, and
  • LBRA Regatta Facebook Event Page – will prominently display club sponsor and advertiser information, including your logo and a direct link to your website.

 On-Site Signage at LBRA’s Novice Regatta and other LBRA attended events†

The registration area at our annual Lake Brantley Rowing Association Regatta, which is the focal point for all competitors and spectators, will feature banners and signage acknowledging sponsors. These banners will be prominently displayed at other events near the LBRA parent and rower tents as well as near the boat trailer.

Lake Brantley Rowing Club Events *†

Advertisements for, and signage at, events sponsored by Lake Brantley Rowing Club (including fundraisers, community outreach events, etc.) will feature Sponsor logos. Sponsors will also receive regular placement in Lake Brantley newsletters and member communication.

Notes: Benefits vary based on level or sponsorship. †Not available at all sponsorship levels and as space is available based upon public and rower safety.

LBRA offers fun and creative sponsorships as low as $100!

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